Friday, December 9, 2011

How to: Make a simple eyeball bow!

I love this gore trend that is happening in fairy kei! (ily kyary pamyu pamyu) Eyeballs and bows are my favorite combination. But what if you're like me, and you are low on funds? I decided to make this tutorial for people who only want to spend $10 or less on a crafting project. To make the bows you will need:
-1 sheet of felt (any color)
- 1 sheet of foam (Preferably white)
- an exacto knife (Scissors can be used, but they will make messier cuts)
- A "big" circular object and a small circular object
- Pencil
-Markers ( 1 in black, 1 in any color you would like. I used fabric markers, which were much more vibrant!)
- A hot glue gun
All of these can be bought at Michaels or some other craft stores.

Step 1: Take your circular object (I used a plastic cup) and place it on top of the foam. trace it with a pencil.

Step 2: Cut the circle out of the foam either with an exacto knife, or scissors. (I cut mine with scissors, and the outcome is not as smooth and polished as I wanted it to be.)

Step 3: Use the bottom of the cup to make the circle of the Iris. Try to get it as centered as possible!
Step 4: Draw your eye a pupil! It can be any size or shape.

Step 5: Color it in with any color you want. I used pink in the original, but it was too matchy with the bow I put it on.
Step 6: Use the felt to make a stiff bow, and hot glue the eye on it.
Hopefully this will spark your creativity to do more eyeball themed things! Currently, I'm working on a chocomint like star clip, but instead of stars, I'm doing eyeballs and bones. This was all done on an unemployed (except for chores) high school students budget of $8, with some left to spare on some real eyeballs! (Just kidding, they're completely plastic "eyeball racers")
[p.s: I haven't been writing lately because of a computer problem. My hp is no longer with us. :( I'm currently awaiting either a new laptop or an ipad, and hopefully when I get that, I will be writing more! ]
(Picture sources:, my camera)

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