Monday, November 21, 2011

Where have I been?

Sorry for not writing in a while, I was way busy with getting ready for Anime USA! This was a big year for me, not only because I did my first cosplay, but because my favorite band, Matenrou Opera was there! Right now I only have time to post photos, and maybe, I'll have a post about some more stuff soon!

On the left is what I wore to the photoshoot with Opera on Sunday. On the right is what I wore on Saturday. I had an awesome time!

This is all the stuff I got from the convention. A signed fan, scarf, long strap, chap stick phone-charm, a beautiful drawing of me, a Vocaloid concert poster (Because I was dressed up as Miku) and six boxes of chocorooms! (They were just giving them out at the Matenrou Opera booth)
I had an awesome time at this con, I would go again, and I'm so glad I met so many awesome people this weekend! The only complaint I had was about the elevators, but I guess that was out of the cons control?
Thanks for everything, and hopefully, I'll be back to posting normally again!

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