Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 5-10 items from your wish list!

Dream sky. This is my favorite new print from AP that I really, really want. The other colors are nice, but I just like how the colors pop off of the black. I also think the blue is positively gorgeous!

Holy cross. When I saw this dress at a convention, I knew I wanted it. It's so beautiful.
Black cat Alice's Mysterious tea party. I love this dress for some reason. I think I saw it in the G&LB, and I just had to have it on this list!
Marchen Ribbon. I like a lot of AP's prints in black, but this has to be my favorite.
Starry Night Theater. When this came out I really wanted it. I'm starting to move away from the black colorway, and on to really wanting the blue. I'm currently thinking about getting the replica, but I'm not sure if I'm going to get it.
Merry sweet castle. I saw this in the English G&LB and I knew I wanted it.
Dreamy dollhouse skirt. No, I still haven't gotten it. ):
Melty Chocolate. The print is pretty, and the name sounds delicious!
Sugary Carnival. I will get the real one someday!

Candy Star Rabbit. The stripes are the best part of this dress. I also like the special version of this jsk!


  1. There's a starry night theatre replica!?

    Cute wishlist (:

  2. Holy Cross is just so beautiful :)