Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dream boots~

(Finally, a proper post...) It is really, really cold outside, and that means it's the perfect time for boots! I have really been obsessed with a lot of different fall-like elements like furs, coats, and scarfs that I can incorporate into a Lolita coordinate and warm footwear is always a good finish! Looking around my town I realized there are a lot of places to get boots that go with Lolita, and here are a few that you can look for the next time you go shopping.

"We who see fringe boot"
- $78.00: This boot would be great for classic. It comes in brown and black and goes up to a size 10, which is a pretty good variety in size. I *almost* bought these boots, but they didn't have my size. D:

Mary Jane pump - $13.99: I found these while online shopping for my mom actually! They are really cute, and i think the could go with anything.

And my personal favorites, Dr.Martens 1460 pink - $115.00: These are absolutely amazing shoes. I really, really want a pair, whether they work with Lolita or not. They are well made, but not for people with wide feet, like me. One day I will get these shoes!

I hope these choices weren't too expensive, but if they were, I'm pretty sure you can find some more affordable options! Happy shoe hunting everyone!

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