Monday, November 22, 2010

Is it too early for Christmas?

Oh Christmas time. I love you with your crazy sales and me risking my life to go buy an mp3 player for my mom. This year, I want to know what is on your Christmas wish list? I would really like to see all of the different things that other people want! Here's mine:

A Wacom bamboo pen and touch- I am really getting into art especially Photoshop, but it is really hard to draw on a laptop with a mouse. I have been wanting this the most!

Paper Jamz guitar- I'm still a bit of a kid, so of course I want the newest thing that all of the kids have! I know I actually don't need it that much since I already have a real guitar, but I really want to do a cosplay with a guitar soon, so this would be an awesome prop!

Melty Chocolate replica skirt and AP lucky pack JSK replica- These are really my two favorite dresses, and since I'm leaving for classic and Gothic, I think these will be the only two sweet dresses I need. Now I know the controversy over replicas are, and I do feel like I'm kind of cheating in the dream dress department, but maybe one day I'll get a job and pay for the real thing.

So what's on your Christmas List? I really want to know! If you make one you can link to it in the comments section and I'll check it out. Also, If I hit 2000 blog views before New years, I might have a small give away!


  1. Pink/white candy skull headphones with the headband and my bottom lip pierced.
    Since you mention it a tablet, I can't draw with a mouse to save myself and I hate knowing that my photoshop is going to waste.

  2. Mostly skirts, some tights, a blouse.

    Then, you know, because I'm a kid at heart too, Phineas and Ferb talking plushies.

  3. @Bluie: Those headphones sound nice! I would like to get some in blue if they had them. I think its awesome that you're getting your lip pierced! I'm too chicken to do it! xD

    @Mackenzie: We all need those. I weirdly need more pants in my wardrobe. I gave most of my old pants to charity.
    I watch Phineas and Ferb of and on but I didn't know they had those! I hope you get them because they sound really popular.