Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tumblrs I love!

(Thanks for 21 followers! Never thought I would get this far!) Long time no post! Comment allez vous? (I'm taking french now. :D) I've been so busy with High school that I completley forgot about blogging, so for now I might just do little quick posts like this one.
Tumblr is another form of blogging. Most of these blogs I'm going to list are picture blogs used for inspiration. Hopefully they'll inspire you to do something creative!

Spank girls, Fyeah Fairy kei- Love, love, love this tumblr! Great inspiration for Spank! and Fairy kei. It also gives me some ideas for crafts.

Fyeah Japan fashion- Great inspiration for Japanese fashions. Lolita, Decora, Gyaru. Too bad she's on hiatus until the end of October, but still great to look at!

Sweet Lolitas- Amazing pictures! Updated everyday, and its really cute! I think there are other tumblrs for Classic, Gothic, etc., but this is the only one I really follow.

The Everyday Lolita- I like to take a break from looking at magazine snaps. This tumblr is perfect for it. The best thing is that you can submit your own photos! (I'm too chicken to do it.)

And of course: My tumblr. It's all of these tumblrs put together in one. I constantly re blog, upload, and sometimes write. It may have been a while since I updated, but at least you have 6 pages to look through!

Well for right now, I'm going to bed, but first I will ask a question. How would you feel if this became a daily blog? For example, a blog about what I did, probably two days out of the week? I'll try it out next week, but If it doesn't really work, I'll do something else.

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