Friday, August 20, 2010

New Year, New dress code.

Sorry I haven't wrote an article in a long time. Family problems and summer have really gotten in the way!
A lot of kids are going back to school, but a lot of things are changing. My school has a new dress code going into effect. This year our school is about "Dressing for the real world" as opposed to "Dressing to express yourself." Why can I not do both? Maybe I have to tweak my style a bit, but that's okay. Ill just change everything bit by bit and rule by rule.
Rule #1: Collared shirts or crewneck tops will be worn. No t-shirts, scoop-neck, or v-neck tops are to be worn. Shirts with shoulder straps of any kind will not be allowed.

This may be a little expensive for some of us, but I'm pretty sure you can find alternatives in a cheaper place. I decided that if I can't do anything else, I would add color! My favorite color combo is blue and pink, so I decided to go with a pop kei themed outfit! I decided to toned it down a bit, so it doesn't become a distraction at school.
Rule #2: Tailored pants may be worn. Shorts, dresses, and skirts will be four inches above the knee or longer. No cargo pants or cargo shorts are to be worn. No denim or denim-like pants of any color are to be worn.

This gives me a good excuse to wear bloomers as pants! I got the idea while looking at this outfit
I just want to get dressed up in really frilly bloomers and a bunch of bows for some reason... I don't think this is normal... but hey! It doesn't go against dress code!

Rule #3: Dresses are to cover the shoulders. Dresses with straps are not allowed.

This is easy enough, just wear a cardigan or a blouse under a jsk! Mix and match colors to get a nice color pallette and roll with it!

Hopefully this helped some people, and if it didn't, I had fun writing it! It helped me plan for my school year, and I think I'm going to try some of these outfits!


  1. Oh wow, that sounds like a quite strict dresscode... No shirts with straps etc. I'm glad my school never had anything like that, I would've had to buy a lot of clothes just for school. D:

    But really, this dresscode just screams for wearing some nice, modest lolita coordinates to school... Looks like that'd be perfectly fine, since Lolita is modest and covers shoulders, goes to the knees and such. :P

  2. Intriguing dress code, thou relaxed compared to the uniform dress codes.
    No big name clothing labels for your jacket, bags or footwear.
    Those are some lovely co-ordinations, I really love the bloomer one.