Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 7 – 6 people who inspire your lolita style.

Hopefully I can continue this regularly from now on! You might have seen people do 10, but I only really have 6 who influence me greatly. This may be a mix of Visual kei, punk, and Lolita, because I don't really have enough Lolita inspiration to fill all 10 spaces! Lets get started!
1. Okanmuri- This girl is the most fashionable person on the internet (well, to me.) . I love her style, and she's just so awesome. *_*
2. Julie Doll - She's really cute and has amazing style!
3. Kyandi-chan- She's so cute, and her coordinates are so cool.
4. damare_kozou- He style of lolita is very cute and different, and I like how she mixes fairy and lolita!
5. Kammie- Her OTT style is awesome and amazing!
6. Happy Unbirthday- Her style is great, and I like how she mixes her items!
So tomorrow, hopefully, I will be able to do the music part of the meme!

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