Monday, August 1, 2011

Resume! Day 3-10 things you hate in lolita fashion

So I have fallen off of posting and I'm sorry. A LOT of things usually come up when I finally decide to post things. -.- But other than that, lets get to posting!
  1. Prices. I am a kid, so buying brand is pretty hard for me. Asking my mom to buy me stuff is pretty hard for me. Only option: Earn money. (Or wait for holidays!) It may be indirectly taking away money from your parents, but at least your helping, right?
  2. Lack of Fabric choices. This is so true for sweet. There are no border prints in fabric stores(Except in le Fabriques, but they're so expensive), other than that, I am pretty okay with fabric.
  3. Plain Socks. I hate plain socks with a burning passion. Not the solid color socks with the lace tops, but the solid color socks with absolutely NOTHING on them. Nothing personal, they just irk me.
  4. Hard to find. It's kind of hard to find loliable stuff here. It makes me sad.
  5. Knee socks. Personally I hate these because of my knees.
  6. Shoes. The constant reminder that my bodyline shoes look like stripper heels makes this appear on the list.
  7. Hair/Wigs. My hair is too short for me to do anything with it, and wigs are way expensive. (Or sometimes you just don't trust the seller.)
  8. Skirts. They make me look bigger than I already am. (But you could say that about most lolita clothing.)
  9. The stereotypes. I hate that when newbies come in, they expect us to be really nice and sweet. Most girls I know are really nice, but there will always be a few bad apples, and people should come to accept that within any fashion community.
So those were the 9 things I hate about lolita. Technically, there were supposed to be 10 thing, but I couldn't think of another.

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