Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita

Yay! An easy topic!
  1. Wigs. I love changing my hair to match the outfit I wear. To outsiders (or people who don't like wigs), this might seem a bit weird, but it makes an outfit unique to me.
  2. Prints. Prints are really cute to me! They usually make or break a dress.
  3. Accessories. Did I talk about these yesterday? I really love lolita accessories, especially wristcuffs! My favorite place to get Lolita accessories is chocomint, and without them I don't know what I would do.
  4. Petticoats. You can get them in so many different colors and different amounts of poof! I only have two at the moment, but I'm looking forward to making more in the future. They also are very versatile when you are working with different styles. They can be incorporated into fairy kei and decora!
  5. The dresses. Well dresses are the main point of the fashion, right? What would lolita be without the gorgeous dresses we wear?
  6. Headgear! Alice bows, square headdresses (a recent favorite of mine), tea cups for your head, the list can go on and on! I love all of them, and the sky is the limit when you want to put things on your head!
  7. Friends. If I didn't wear lolita, I think I would have not gotten to meet my group of lolita friends! (Oh no, story time) When I met my first lolita friend, we were in anime club on cosplay night. She had a character with a petticoat on, and I asked where she got it. I told her that I needed it for Lolita, and she was interested in it too! From then on, her and five others have been inviting me to tea parties, and having a great time!
  8. The different styles. I am currently in love with gothic, but it always changes! I think without the different styles, lolita would lose some magic. Lolita is so versatile and so easy to pull off at any age! You're never too old for one style, and if you do feel a bit odd in one subcategory, you can move to another!
  9. The information. I love how in lolita, the information is easier to access. I know it wasn't always like this, but its nice that people put this information out there so we can better explain the fashion to others, or learn more for ourselves.
  10. The colors. Colors in lolita can range from pastel to dark, or in between. you can mix and match different colors that wouldn't be normal in everyday clothing (pinkxred, yellowxblue) and experiment with colors and patterns!
Okay, maybe it wasn't as easy as expected. But it was fun!

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