Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 day lolita challenge? Count me in!

I've been seeing this all around recently, and I wanted to join in! (Did this start while I was gone...?) I need to write more, and I have extreme writers block, so hopefully this will cure it! (And hey, more posts from me!)
Day 1 – 10 things about your Lolita bubble.
I'm guessing a lolita bubble is you're lolita life, except worded differently? Well, lets get started!
  1. I should wear Lolita more. This is total fact. I haven't worn it in a long time, and I start to miss it. If I was more outgoing, maybe I would start, but I have some sort of social anxiety.
  2. I have a HUGE group of lolita friends. I love these girls I hang out with. Tea parties at the mudhouse, hitting on the guy that worked there (Who was really cute and spoke Japanese.), realizing how small of a world we live in. Everything under the sun! Maybe one day I'll explain how we all came to be, but that will be in a later post!
  3. I own a good amount of lolita clothing. I own 18 pieces of lolita clothing. A mix of blouses, jsks, petticoats, cardigans and boleros, and skirts. I currently own no ops.
  4. I need more lolita. This totally contradicts the point above, but its true! I need a few more pieces! Recently my love for Gothic has exploded, and I really can't wait for autumn to come! I have a few black and white items, but I need to go on a search for a blouse, some gloves, and a few pieces of Gothic inspired jewlery.
  5. My shoes are cute and I wear them everywhere. Well, not everywhere. Just whenever I wear something pink or cute.
  6. My mom and brother are still against it. Total truth. My mom still says I would look better (and less fatter) if I took off my petticoat. My brother is starting to warm up to it a bit, but he still won't let me go out with it on. They constantly rub me the wrong way when I try to wear or discuss the topic, I don't even bother anymore.
  7. I've never considered myself a lifestyler. Lifestylers are cool, but I just never thought about me being one.
  8. Lolita affects how I wear "normal" clothing. I never wore skirts. When I got into Lolita, I had just gotten out of my gaia/weaboo stage. I never wore skirts, never wore make up, and would always try to appear like a boy. (Oh 7th grade....)Even though I still sometimes try to appear like a boy (When I crossplay and experiment with Visual kei), I have gotten in touch with my feminine side.
  9. Cute accessories cover my room. I order from chocomint and make accessories a lot. I also like putting them on display! Put them together, and you have a candy store as your room.
  10. Lolita has affected my career path and life. Without lolita, I don't think I wouldn't have come this far in my journey of self discovery. Right now, I'm at a point where all negative things don't mean anything, as long as I'm okay with myself. There are a few flaws that I want to fix, but I believe they will go away with time. Lolita also helped me decide what I want to do. I want to get into fashion design! Now, I know most people are thinking that I'll just go to college expecting to just make frilly dresses. (Okay, maybe I will do a little bit of that...) but I want to bring more fashion options closer to people like me, who live in smaller towns of less than 100,000. We all can wear t shirts and jeans, but don't you want to spice them up a bit? T shirts with a bit of punk influence? Jeans that look a little cuter than an everyday, ordinary pair of jeans? I want to have clothing that is influenced heavily with Japanese fashion, but still have a bit of American flair(?). But that's not to be discussed right now, it'll lead into a huge rant.
So 10 things out of my Lolita bubble! I feel as if it went a bit off topic, but at least you learned a bit more about me!
I bet some people are wondering how my trip to Australia was! It was awesome, but I have to tell you later, because I'm a bit tired of writing.
One last thing! Anyone from the Charlottesville area going to the Blue Ridge Bloodfest on August 6-7th? It's an all night ordeal with movies, monster make up, and a zombie walk on the downtown mall! Costumes are encouraged, and I was going to wear some Guro lolita to the event! Hopefully I'll see another Lolita or something down there!

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