Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Challenge!

This summer is an extra long summer. I have until September to get back to school, and I want to do something that can better me. Last year, I found Lolita fashion at this time. I was one of those summer newbies, but I did my research on sites before I jumped into the action. I have made a huge huge improvement, and I think I have changed my ideas of Lolita.
When I first came upon Lolita, my eyes were immediately drawn to the sugary sweetness of Angelic Pretty. I really love OTT sweet, and I still do, but I've put that on the back burner for now. My summer this year is more of a "stroll in the countryside" kind of summer. Since I've been given more freedom this year, I have the choice of choosing what I wear more often. I have chosen to become a more classical sweet Lolita. It seems more refined and wearable that OTT sweet. So I've decided that this summer will be an elegant crafts summer.
My first project is going to be a mint green bonnet recycled from an old dress I used when i was a little kid. Hopefully this will be a fun experience! I hope this summer will be the best I ever had!

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  1. I also love Angelic Pretty. We were lucky enough to have visited a used Lolita clothing shop in Yokohama and took some photos which we posted on our blog. They had Angelic Pretty dresses there, too. I look forward to seeing your posts as things progress this summer for you. :-)