Monday, May 31, 2010

Creativity sparks!

When a Lolita has a meet up, they usually plan their outfit a day ahead. I also do that. But what is the best time for you to plan a coordinate? From going to work or school, eating, and sleeping (which we do not get enough of) where can this time be put in your day? Usually meet ups are on Saturdays, or at the most Fridays. I have actually never seen a meet up heald on a Major weekday (unless on special occasion). So if that's the case, then what time is good for planning an outfit?
You may say that a good time for planning is the night before, so you can know what your outfit looks like, and get the feel of the outfit. I disagree. Well, only a little. You should plan your outfit the night before, but you should take the week on planning. Look at color schemes that are good for the weather, and build an outfit on that. Do you need a long sleeve blouse, or a short sleeve one? All of these questions can be easily answered if you research ahead.
When meeting up in lolita, you will usually attend a tea house, but sometimes, you may go to a classy or fancy setting. Of course you will still be wearing Lolita, but it might be a good time to leave the OTT Sugary-Sweet coordinate. Call in with the resturant to see the dress code, and if they say your clothing choice is fine, then go with it!
The last thing to worry about is creativity. When you plan a coord, it is mostly about origionallity. So what time of the day are you most creative? As you can see, I get really creative at 2am, but your time might be 2pm the day before the meet up. Which ever time is right for you, use it to your advantage.
Hopefully these tips helped you a little! I hope your next meet up is a success!

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