Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glasses with lolita?

On post number two of my posting-spree, I'm going to talk about glasses in Lolita. How do they work? How can I make a pair of glasses fit into a loli coord?
I'm going to my next eye appointment in a few days, and I was wondering, what kind of lenses would work with my Lolita lifestyle? So I decided to make this post. We were at the eye doctor the other day (for my mom.) and I saw a bunch of gorgeous lenses for sweet Lolitas except they were all for children. Like I expected. So what am I supposed to do with boring, un-playful lenses?
I've heard of this program that is available at our lensecrafters in town. You can take in any type of lens (as long as it's not too crazy or offensive) and get them in your prescription. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, and so after we came from my mom's appointment, we went on a shopping spree to Claire's to see what they had. I came across a gorgeous pair of pink and orange glasses. (pics later, once I get them.) Perfect for a Sweet Lolita like me! I didn't get to get them though, I had spent too much already, but I am going too once my appointment comes around.
So what is the point of this post, and that wall of text at the beginning? I just wanted to give you some suggestions for all of you glasses wearing Lolitas out there.

For the Sweet Lolita: These glasses from are a really cute pair. A nice neutral color that can work with any outfit. If your looking for something to match your Angelic Pretty, try these in pink.

For the Gothic Lolita: Try these glasses in black. The design on them are so pretty, I think they would work great for an elegant Gothic Lolita.

For the Classic Lolita: These pair are absolutely gorgeous. The flowers on the side would work great with a classic coord.

You really don't have to choose a type of lens for whatever subculture your involved in. These were just a suggestion for those people who really want to be lifestyle lolis, or who just want a nice pair of glasses. Until next time!

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