Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just a random topic...

Do any Lolitas wear any other Japanese street fashions? Or any other fashion from any country? I pretty much try and follow the Japanese scene as close as I can, but I was wondering if any other lolis wear any other street fashion.
For example I wear these fashions:
-Fairy kei
-Hime gyaru (just started.)
I just love Decora with a passion. I love how it looks like a person just got dipped in a barrel of rainbows. I guess It's because I love color.
Fairy kei for me is just really cute. Same with Spank!. I have always had a thing for the 80's, and I'm glad their coming back in a cute way. (as in no fishnet shirts or sweat-covered headbands.)
I Just (as in just last week) started getting into the gyaru scene, and specifically the hime gyaru scene. I thought I would fit in because I do a LOT of shopping for the sort of clothing that they wear. My mom also absolutely fell in love with that style, so we compromised.
Well that's it for today! Until next time!
(P.S. Did anyone participate in the EGL FFA? I had the best time looking at what people posted. I think it might still be going on until tomorrow morning.)


  1. I wear Gyaru sometimes! Not Himegyaru, I don't have the money or time for it, but I love it. <3
    I might attempt Spank!/Fairy Kei once it gets warmer.

  2. That's Awesome! I do wear gyaru at school sometimes, but himegyaru is really expensive. I kinda hate that. D:
    But I think you should really try Spank! It really is a style for warmer weather.