Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 things about me that you might not know.

I cannot think of one thing to write about, so I decided to steal this meme off of Facebook(where someone tagged me in it.)
1. I'm scared that something is going to happen to my computer when I turn it off. As in 'something' I mean a virus or malware will be installed on my laptop. All of my school work will be gone, and I will fail, and they'll kick me out of there. Who would want that to happen to them?
2. I hate Tupperware. So much. It's just so plastic-y and disgusting. Yuck!
3. I am a huge anime nerd. (I don't like saying otaku)Yes, this is true. I love Kuroshitsuji (Black butler), Death Note, Bleach, Honey and clover, Loveless, Absolute Boyfriend, Soul eater, Ouran, and the list goes on and on. (And yes, I was mildly devastated when Tokyo pop shut down.)
4. I have to restrain myself from touching the SHIFT key on my laptop. I know this is probably the dumbest thing you have ever heard, but if I did not restrain myself from hitting the shift key, every word in this sentence would be capitalized. I can't help it, my pinky just likes to wander. :c
5. I am a HUGE Cage the elephant fan. I love their music. Shake me down, In one ear, they are all amazing songs and I recommend any of their songs. Now if only they came to my state I could go see a concert.
I wish there was tagging on blogspot so I could tag everyone in this post. I would really like to know about you guys!
Edit 1: I was playing with the blog today (Changed it's name and layout) and I would love some feedback. Sorry if I confused anyone!

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