Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boredom and update?

A little short post to keep the blog updated!

  • A new coordinate was posted on the coordinates page. It was for wacky tacky day, not really decora or Lolita, more like a sharing post.
  • I am going to Anime USA! Anyone else going? I have been last year (When I was a total ita, ha.) I'm Cosplaying as Satty from Sendai Kamotsu and wearing Lolita for the weekend. I'll post a tutorial on using RIT dye for fabric soon, hopefully. If you see me at the con, please come and say hi! I might give away Lollipops or glow sticks. ;D
  • Find me anywhere! My Website has links to my blogs, tumblr, and formspring! You can also find me on Gaia and Myspace as Killer Show. Type it in the search bar and you'll find me!
(For all the gaian readers out there: If you find me on towns or anything, tell me that you read my blog! You may win a rare item and some free art!)
Until Next time,

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