Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Change of pace~

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been posting so much! School has gotten in the way; I'm so busy all the time! Since Valentine’s Day, my Family and I have discussed my business, (now known as Split Tea) and they have decided to help me! For now I have decided to do 8-bit commissions, Fairy Hair bows, and occasionally a batch of Raver tutus. My starting prices and examples will hopefully be up by the end of the week, and I'm really excited to open up! 
Also, I'm thinking about changing this blog to a fashion blog, not just a Lolita only blog. I feel very limited on what I can write about, and I actually am not feeling too confident in Lolita as I once did.  Hopefully that will change soon! :D
Talk to you guys later, and thanks for following me for so long! I really appreciate you so much! <3

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