Monday, March 22, 2010

Decora: How I started

Decora. Some people love this colorful rainbow explosion, while others don't. I have been bitten by the "rainbow" bug, and I just wanted to write an article about it.
I am a girl with a LOT of different interest. Decora is the one that caught my eye recently. I actually have been collecting and hoarding very colorful, plastic jewelry, hoping that one day I could start wearing decora. The only reason why I didn't start was because I didn't have a track jacket. On the picture to the left, she is wearing a pink track jacket. I wanted a pink one, but the only one I have is black. To spice it up a little, I added iron-on appliques of hearts, stars, and cute animals (bunnies, bears, etc.). I guess I should just give you a guide on how to start decora, because I am really bored...
Decora is mainly about colors and childlike elements, like hello kitty. You will have to wear a lot of hair clips, bows, necklaces, and bracelets. Decora actually translates into decoration, so you are going to become a walking, talking decoration.
First thing you have to do before jumping into decora is gain a good amount of confidence. If you are walking around anywhere looking like rainbow puke, you will get many stares. It's guaranteed. That's what confidence is for, holding your head up high while looking kind of silly. It will be hard at first, but you will get used to the stares. Here is a good video on the subject, but it's based on Lolita. It's a good watch anyway.
The second, and probably the most important thing in your decora checklist is the jewelry and accessories. Hair clips are important, especially if you have bangs. Try to cover most of your hair with hair accessories, and just have fun! There is absolutely no limit to what you can do!
Plastic jewelry is a big thing, too. Decora for me is just looking at the kids section at wal-mart and grabbing the most colorful, cheapest jewelry I can find. If I can work it into decora, then I have a need to buy it. Bow rings, fake princess jewelry, or anything colorful and creative can be decora! You can also use plushies to accessorize, too!
Places to buy: Chocomint, 6% Dokidoki
The clothing is really important too. Layer colorful tops, skirts, petticoats, and socks. Patterns and color schemes are most important. You think that decora is just something random you put on, but really, its not. I usually pick three colors to follow, and stick to them.
Example: :3
Socks and shoes are the toppers of the outfit. Layer over the knee socks under under the knee socks and complete the layering with some funky leg warmers!
Hopefully, this guide was of some help to you, I tried my best, and I will try to update it later if anything is missing!
(Picture credit: Top photo; Google images, Video;Shellbycloud;youtube Example photo; Decora fourms)

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