Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Copied from my LJ: A reminder about New years resolutions.

I heard that usually between February an march is when people start to forget their resolutions or give up on them all together. I don't want to do that for mine, so I just decided to put something up here from my personal Livejournal, just to remind me of what I promised myself.
"Reflecting on when I first started lolita was a very kind of overwhelming thing to do... Unlike most new lolitas do little to almost no research on something that seems to take a lot out of time and money. So, the truth is, I've been into the lolita culture for almost seven months now, while dressing in it for only three. A lot has changed in those three months, I've been working harder to fund the hobby I love, telling people about the hobby I love, and basically just thinking about it everyday! But the point of where I am right now is very satisfying. And It was a pretty tough journey to get here.

When I made , I mean MADE my first lolita skirt, It was done by hand. I'd hadn't sewn by hand since I was six, and our sewing machine was broken. I was kind of rushing to make the date of the weekend after the next, because I had decided to take a big step and go to my first meet up. That was a really bad idea, because the only petticoat I had was from hot topic, and the skirt I made turned out okay, but not the best. Lets just say I looked a lot like an ita... but I kinda knew it, so I just stayed cool for most of the time. I was shy anyway, so I was probably going to not say much anyway. But the girls were pretty much nice to me, and I had a fun time ice skating with them.

After that, I said to myself I would make myself a better lolita! And I did. Once we fixed the sewing machine, I was ready to start anew. I mean, I couldn't buy any brand yet, I'm still only 13, and I hate asking my mom for money, It gets annoying to her. So I started to sew, and I ended up with now 18 lolita pieces and counting. I wear lolita every day now, and I guess you can say I have a semi-lolita lifestyle. But I think It's amazing how I have changed so much in just three months."

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