Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The daily lolita: Tone it down!

I have this issue sometimes. With a kind of strict mother at home, telling me why she thinks Lolita is "not me" and making a daily statement of "Those poofy skirts make you look fat." Then we might get into a mild argument about the reason why I wear Lolita. The only reason why I still can wear Lolita, and buy Lolita clothes, is because my mother dresses me once every week. I understand, I let her have her moment. But how can I add a Lolita to my daily outfit? Maybe a few tips from me might help.
I love to wear rings and jewelry when I'm not wearing Lolita, but I can add a touch of sweet when I wear bow rings! I make them myself out of old fabric that I have laying around my room, and I try to make a lot of them! Maybe one day I could put up a craft post and tell you how to make some?

Tone down the headgear a bit, too. I try to put bows in my hair that are very small, and that you could find in a dollar store for at least under two dollars. (Sometimes I wear a mini tiara when I wear hime style clothing, I got that from the dollar store, also.)

The great thing about Lolita is that you can wear it casually. When I wear casual Lolita, I don't wear the completely overly-poofed petti that I have, I wear the old Hot topic reject one I got, when I first started out. It adds a pretty good amount of poof to your skirt, and gives a kind of A-line shape to the skirt.
The thing that usually is a good thing for casual Lolita is the cutsew (or cutsaw in some places) It is the answer to a Lolita's Tee shirt. It has lace an all the trimmings and stuff, while still being a comfortable, modest tee shirt.
Just one more thing: The shoes and socks. For shoes I usually wear a pair of black (or white, if you can find them.) Mary Jane's. They work well with any outfit, and plus they are more toned down then Angelic pretty's deco'd shoes. The socks issue isn't really a problem. I usually wear a pair of plain socks with a lace topping. (Once I found these Japanese erasers shaped like sweets, and I hot glued them to my sock toppers! They were so cute!)

I hope these tips helped you out with something, maybe give you new ideas for your daily wear.
I hope you enjoyed my first post!

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